Our Rhode Island regions are on hold

Quite candidly, we didn’t have as much success spreading the word in RI as we’ve had in MA. Because of this, we were no longer able to maintain the high level of content that we pride ourselves on, and we paused this region for the foreseeable future.

Stay in Touch

If our Cumberland-Lincoln region does re-start, subscribers will be the first to know. Sign up below, and follow our new Facebook Page for updates along the way.

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In the Mean Time

Our nearby regions in MA are going strong and will give you some great ideas just a short drive away:

Help Us Return

Re-starting Community Kangaroo in RI would take a very passionate local parent who loves our mission and is able to spread the word far and wide on social media and in person. Compensation is a percentage of ad revenue, so compensation only comes when we have enough followers to attract business sponsors. If you live in Rhode Island and feel strongly about helping to bring our awesome collaborative resource back to this area, send Sharon an email for more info: sharon@communitykangaroo.com .